Terms and Conditions

Booking and payment methods All bookings can be secured by a deposit or full payment.  Deposits are 30% of the total cost of the booking.  Balances must be received 9 weeks prior to the stay.  Non-payment will be construed as a cancelled booking.

Payment can be made securely on line by card or by bank transfer.  If you prefer to speak to a real person please call Jill on 07766041644 to enquire about availability, confirm price and make a booking. Terms and conditions of your booking The property is available from 4pm and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. Failure to do so may result in an additional charge. Prices do not include holiday cancellation insurance and you are strongly advised to take it out yourself. If you have to cancel your holiday, you must telephone or e-mail us immediately. If we are able to re-let the property, the balance will be refunded to you but you will forfeit your deposit. If we are unable to re-let, you will lose all monies paid by you at the time of cancellation. However, we will do our absolute best to work with you to reschedule you holiday wherever possible.

Very occasionally, forces beyond our control will render the property unfit for letting at the time of your holiday. Should this occur, we have the right to cancel your booking but will endeavour to find alternative accommodation for you where possible. If alternative accommodation cannot be found or if you refuse it on reasonable grounds, we will refund all monies paid by you. Please note that you are required to keep the property clean and tidy and leave it in a similar condition to that in which it was found. You are requested to wipe up spills, wash, dry and put away all pots and utensils and take out all rubbish and foodstuffs when you vacate. Please do not move furniture around and please replace smaller effects if you move them. Dispose of all rubbish thoughtfully and according to instructions. You are liable to the property-owner for any damage incurred to the property and/or its contents by you or any member of your party during your stay. Damages must be reported to Sea Fern immediately. You are reminded that you must not smoke in the property. In addition, we must insist that you don't light candles in the property at all, for any occasion. Dogs must be confined to the ground floor, so that we can keep the carpets upstairs clean and under no circumstances are pets to be left alone in the property. You are requested to clean up pet hairs before you vacate please. Faults do occur from time to time. Please be patient. We cannot guarantee against them. We reserve the right to admit trades people into the property for necessary repairs and maintenance or for emergencies. We as the property-owner have the right to terminate the contract if these booking conditions are ignored to the detriment of the property, the property-owner, employees or to neighbours of the property and local residents. Neither the property-owners nor the caretakers are liable for any loss, damage, expense, injury or death caused during your stay unless negligence by any of the above parties is proven.