10 ways to get a better night’s sleep on holiday

Much has been in the news recently about the importance of sleep on our physical and mental health and it’s understandable that sleep gets disrupted when our lives are busy.  However, a holiday should be an opportunity to slow down, rest, recharge and sleep well.  

Despite being a very light sleeper I am generally a good sleeper, but stress, menopause, kids and noisy neighbours have all played havoc with my sleep at times.  Over the years I have learned that some things really help, so these are my top 10 suggestions for a good sleep holiday…

  1. Book a quiet location and if possible a detached property – some of us are just really light sleepers and traffic noise, people leaving the pubs or just neighbours on a different time clock can really affect our sleep.
  2. Ask if your cottage has black out lined curtains and if not take an eye mask, because even in an area of low light pollution street lights can stay on until midnight and the suns up before 5am in high summer.
  3. Find out how old the beds and mattresses are. Nobody wants a squeaky bed or lumpy mattress, don’t be afraid to ask how old the beds are and what type of mattresses are on the beds. Take your own pillow if you think it might help.
  4. Get outdoors as much as possible a 4 hour walk is a reassuringly reliable way of getting a good night sleep.
  5. Try taking a break from technology altogether, but if you are a bit of an addict then allow yourself 30 minutes on your phone in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening with at least a 2 hour gap before bed.
  6. Don’t eat too late and try not to drink more than one glass of alcohol followed by a peppermint or chamomile tea. You could opt for a pub lunch and a lighter evening meal.
  7. Make time to read, craft, play cards or play board games as a family. Put on lamps and turn off bright lighting.
  8. Try a spa night, a sauna on the beach or have a luxurious soak in the bath with lavender fragranced essential oils.
  9. Start journaling. Writing down your thoughts can help you to process things that are troubling you, help you to find solutions and move on.
  10. If all else fails book a solo trip. If you know your kids, dog, snoring wife or husband frequently wake you up, bless you, you deserve a solo sleep holiday.

If you have trouble sleeping tell us at the time of booking your stay at Seafern Cottage and we will leave you a sleep spa kit with dreamy lavender bath salts, lavender soap and hand cream absolutely free of charge.


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