We've put 15 years experience of fun family holidays at the Yorkshire Coast into creating this blog, intended to ensure you have the best activity holiday the UK has to offer.  We’ve got everything Centre Parcs has and more with fabulous beaches to explore.  There’s an adventure for little kids, Teenage kids and big (adult sized) kids at Sea Fern holiday cottage.  We are close to Go Ape, Bungee UK, Whitby Surf School, Alpamare UK and The Yorkshire Waterpark.  Sea Fern Cottage is within a mile of Robin Hoods Bay on The Cleveland Way and The Cinder Track and is perfectly situated for walking and cycling holidays.

In our opinion travelling on two wheels is the best way to explore any area. You can cover more ground than when on foot and you’re more connected with your surroundings than when you are in a car.  So why don’t more people go on Cycling holidays?  Let’s address the most common concerns…   Will I be too slow? Women particularly worry about holiding other riders up. Having trained as a breeze ride ...

You have probably already conquered a challenge or two like a coast to coast or the The Cap of Formentor in Mallorca, but have you cycled in Yorkshire? The Tour de Yorkshire has put road cycling in Yorkshire on the map and if professional cyclists give the area high praise, claiming that the people and the scenery are “simply incredible”, it’s a cycling destination to be added to your bucket list.