Coastal Foraging Workshops at Robin Hoods Bay

Coastal Foraging is a great mindful activity and its so uplifting when you're exploring a beautiful coastal location like Robin Hood's Bay.

With an experienced guide you can find out about delicious wild foods that grow at the Yorkshire coast and learn how to forage for yourself!

Some coastal guides even offer you an opportunity for you to get taste forraged foods with tasters or a cook-up included in the experience.

Workshops usually include:

  • an introduction outlining foraging tips, safety, ethics, etiquette and law
  • a walk taking in different growing environments around the coast
  • a closer look at edible wild species and any poisonous lookalikes by a professional forager, including seaweed, shellfish and coastal plants

Foraging is a great way to immerse yourself in nature with a focus.  Like forest bathing, the workshops offer a chance to slow the pace of modern life down, meet new people and immerse yourself in a soul-nourishing activity, reconnecting with nature and discovering new flavours.

What to bring:

  • Walking boots or wellies
  • Weather-appropriate clothes, including a waterproof coat
  • A drink and a snack
  • A foraging basket (the reusable mesh bags offered by supermarkets are ideal)
  • The workshops we recommend in this blog are on our doorstep, so there is no need to worry about parking if you are staying with us.

In 2024 the following companies are offering workshops at Robin Hood's Bay

  • £75 by Wild Food Wisdom at Robin Hood's Bay Thursday 11th April - we enjoyed this last year and can highly recommend it!
  • £110 Our One Day Coastal Foraging Robin Hood’s Bay course with Taste the Wild various dates:
Wednesday - 8th May 2024 - fully booked
Thursday - 9th May 2024 - fully booked
Tuesday - 9th Jul 2024 - fully booked
Wednesday - 10th Jul 2024 - limited places
Wednesday - 4th Sep 2024 - limited places
Thursday - 5th Sep 2024 - limited places

If you would like to arrange a private coastal foraging experience during your stay at Sea Fern Cottage send us an Enquiry and we will put you in touch with an experienced guide.




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