In our opinion travelling on two wheels is the best way to explore any area. You can cover more ground than when on foot and you’re more connected with your surroundings than when you are in a car. 

So why don’t more people go on Cycling holidays?  Let’s address the most common concerns…


Will I be too slow?

Women particularly worry about holiding other riders up. Having trained as a breeze ride leader, our motto was ‘nobody gets left behind’.  We always try to work in pairs, so that someone can hang back and cycle at a comfortable pace for the rider at the back, because it’s no fun being left behind. 


What if I have bike maintenance issues?

These things happen.  However, when you’re cycling with an experienced guide, simple things like punctures and ‘chain offs’ can easily be fixed en route.  Plus, we know who to call for more serious bike issues and where to hire a bike if it’s not possible to repair it the same day, so you don’t miss out on your cycling holiday.


Will I get lost?
If you aren’t sure of the route you can spend much of your time map reading and back tracking. This isn’t a very enjoyable way to ride and wouldn’t make for a great holiday experience! Lots of tour operators offer self guided holidays where the navigating is down to you, but at Seafern Cottage we offer guided rides so all you have to do is follow the leader and enjoy the best café stops and views.


How far will we go?
We start and finish at Seafern Cottage and our guides know the area really well so there is an option to have a go at a longer ride of say 30-40 miles and cut it down to 25 miles if the group is feeling tired or the weather takes a turn for the worst.  Last year it was so hot that we opted for a 25 mile ride and a dip in the sea on our return, much to the delight of everyone in the group. You can rest assured that there will be a morning coffee stop and lunch or a lunch and afternoon tea stop on all of our rides.


What if I don’t get on with the group?

When you have a common interest like cycling, it’s really easy to get to know the other people in the group. With so many shared experiences from our day cycling there is always plenty to chat about over a post-ride drink. Some groups get on so well they start a whatsapp to share photos and start planning next year’s holiday before heading home.


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