How to create some amazing beach art at Robin Hood’s Bay

You can entertain children for hours when they're engaged in something creative. 

Working together, as a family, on beach art is a great way to re-connect on holiday and you don’t need to be particularly skilled with a little imagination it’s incredible what you can achieve.

What to do

It’s fine to arrive on the beach without any idea of what you want to create, you can find inspiration from the materials available on the beach or by your favourite things or a recent event like the Kings Coronation.  Use rocks and pebbles in different sizes, shapes and colours and create swirls, circles and squares.  There is beauty in repetition and in reproducing patterns found in nature like waves, ammonites and shells.  You can start by sorting pebbles of similar colours and try building up spirals in the sand or by simply drawing in the sand.

Equipment that might be useful

  • A mesh bag or bucket for collecting pebbles, shells or anything you like.
  • A picnic rug so that you can sit while you work, because crouching for hours can be challenging.
  • Warm clothes – when you spend time sitting you might start to feel cold with the sea breeze.
  • A camera or phone to photograph or video your work. The tide will eventually sweep all your hard work away, so make sure you get a picture of your Art.
  • Check tide times to make sure you have time to make your art and don't get cut off.

We found 3 artists creating amazing land art to inspire you on your land art adventure…

Sculp the world

Jon Foreman Sculp the world started creating Land Art while in college. Most of his work takes place in an already beautiful setting such as the Pembrokeshire coastline. Having grown up there he saw the beauty of the coastline and woodlands and made use of them by collaborating with nature itself.

Beach 4 Art is a personal blog is by a family of 4 who create beach art projects, inspired by beautiful nature in the UK.

James Brunt is an Artist who creates beach art though, workshops and outdoor adventures, events.  He works at various locations along the Yorkshire coastline for a creative session on the beach. His book will is available to buy from Amazon.

Image: Beach4art

With a little inspiration from some of these artists you'll be creating beach art that's worthy of sharing on social media and making memories of your holiday at the Yorkshire Coast. Please don't forget to tag us in @seaferncottage

Feeling inspired? Come stay with us at Sea Fern Cottage, we're walking distance to the beach at Robin Hood's Bay.



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