Since my boys were born I have had family holidays with grandparents.  Perhaps you are thinking of a holiday with grandparents too? These are our top tips for a smooth multigenerational holiday.

Make Sure Everyone Has Their Own Space

Make sure grandparents have their own room with somewhere to sit and read in peace. This means they can relax and get away when things get too much. Try not to forget that it is their holiday too.  Two bathrooms is also essential for multigenerational harmony.

Set Some Ground Rules

Make sure your children know not to disturb their grandparents when they are in their own room. Also, if you don’t want your kids to have too much sugar while they are on holiday make sure everyone knows that there is a one treat per day policy. Make an evening meal plan so that each couple cooks once and organises take away once, leaving a few nights left to eat out.

Nights Out

I’m pretty sure most grandparents will be happy to babysit one night, while you go to listen to some live music at Whitby Brewery, but it is advisable to ask in advance and only bank on one night out during the course of your holiday. You don’t want to make them feel like babysitters.

Plan Days Out For Grandparents Too!

While on a multigenerational holiday I find having two cars is essential, so that you don’t have to spend every day together.  Plan trips to waterslides for the kids on days when grandparents can enjoy a visit to an open garden event or a walk along the Cleveland Way. It will involve a bit more planning for you, because you need to research fun days out for your parents and your kids, but your efforts will be rewarded and you'll have lots to talk about over dinner.

Regarding Money

It a good idea to proportionately split the bill for meals out and take it in turns to pay for ice cream or cake. Alternatively, you can keep everything separate.  When you are self catering make sure you ask parents to either bring their own breakfast and lunch shop or ask them if they would like you to add some things to your online order. It’s important everyone has their favourite breakfast to start the day on a good note.

Me Time

You have organised this holiday and you will probably find you are doing most of the work while you are on holiday, so I would recommend you take a little me time each day.  This might be a 10 minutes of peace in the garden enjoying your coffee in the morning sunshine, a half hour walk along the Cleveland Way or an hour bike ride up to Ravenscar and back.

Seafern Cottage is the perfect place for a multi-generational trip to the Yorkshire coast.  Why not secure your holiday with a deposit and start planning your holiday with the grands today.


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