These are our top 3 things to do to celebrate the dark skies in February:

1.  Book a Dark Skies Friendly Accommodation.

Pick an accommodation like Sea Fern Cottage, situated within the north york moors, where there are low light pollution levels and an enclosed garden. We offer guests access to binoculars, star charts, blankets and free Wi-Fi, so you can use apps like Stellarium on smart phones to identify and locate constellations.

2.  Join Astro Dog for a magical evening of stargazing in Dalby Forest.

Guests will enjoy a guided tour of the night sky, learning about stars and how to navigate the night sky. Use telescopes and binoculars to view the planets, the Moon and stunning deep space objects – BOOK HERE!


9 Friday 7pm / 9 Friday 9:45pm
10 Saturday 7pm / 10 Saturday 9:45pm
13 Tuesday 7:30pm
14 Wednesday 7:30pm
16 Friday 7pm / 16 Friday 9:45pm
17 Saturday 7pm / 17 Saturday 9:45pm
19, 20, 22 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  at 7:30pm – Seafern Cottage is booked!
23 Friday 7pm / 23 Friday 9:45pm
24 Saturday 7pm / 24 Saturday 9:45pm

COST: £25 Adults and £20 children

3.  Go on a Dark Skies walk at Robin Hood's Bay; a smugglers paradise – BOOK HERE!

This coastal walk starts and finishes in Robin Hoods Bay with countless tales of thieves and smugglers and guidance on how to navigate the stars. This walk is approximately 6 miles and follows the old railway line towards Whitby before heading back to the Bay along the Cleveland Way, with thunderous waves below and amazing dark skies above, experience this beautiful section of the Yorkshire Heritage Coastline.

WHEN: Saturday 10th | Sunday 23rd February 2024 from 5.30pm

COST: £30 per person (over 12s only)


Join Adventures for the Soul on a  walk by the light of the moon is truly magical at Robin Hoods Bay.

They'll be stretches where you'll be able to turn off your head torch and bathe in its light. When you do, what you'll see will take your breath away.

WHEN: Friday 23rd February from 8pm - 11pm

COST: £49 per person (over 12s only)

Find out about other events taking place here!


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